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Elvis Presly Passed Here: Even More Locations of America's Pop Culture Landmarks


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Santa Monica Press

Elvis Presley's Southern California life in the early to mid 1960s was a hectic tangle of recording, movies and television. To help unwind on the weekends, Elvis and his entourage would organize spirited touch football games in De Neve Park, not far from where he lived in Bel Air. Their favorite opponent was pop singer and television star Ricky Nelson and his band, although other celebrities also took part in the games.

With Elvis Presley Passed Here, Chris Epting follows-up his critically acclaimed James Dean Died Here and Marilyn Monroe Dyed Here with another collection of the locations where the most significant events in American popular culture took place. Featuring hundreds of photographs, this fully illustrated encyclopedic look at the most famous and infamous pop culture events includes historical information on over 600 landmarks-as well as their exact location.
Elvis Presley Passed Here is an amazing portrait of the bizarre, shocking, weird and wonderful moments that have come to define American popular culture.

Included in the over 600 landmarks are:

Americana: The Weird and the Wonderful
"Uncle Sam's" house
The "true" birthplace of baseball
The oldest street in America
The first U.F.O.
Buckminster Fuller's most famous dome
America's oldest saloon

Born in the USA
The birthplaces of:

Coca Cola
The typewriter
The corn dog
The computer
Air conditioning
The ice cream sundae
Girl Scout cookies. . .

History and Tragedy
George Washington bids farewell to the troops
Ben Franklin flies a kite
Abraham Lincoln's farewell address
Kunta Kinte arrives aboard an African slave ship
Karen Silkwood's crash site

Crime, Murder, and Assassination
The cheerleader murder plot
Butch Cassidy's hole-in-the-wall
The office of Elliot Ness
Great train robberies
Dillinger's haunt
The Scott Peterson boat dock

Celebrity Deaths and Infamous Celebrity Events
A "Beniffer" tour
John Candy
Al Green gets hit with grits
Charles Barkley's bar fight
Britney Spears' pet store debacle
Rob Lowe's hotel romp
Karen Carpenter

Movies and TV
Charlie Chaplin's Los Angeles
Goodfellas nightclub
The Sopranos hotspots
Hannibal Lechter's escape site
Young Frankenstein's lecture hall
Quentin Tarentino's video store

Let There Be Music
Elvis Presley tour
Jazz landmarks
REM's church,
Gershwin's New York
Bruce Springsteen walking tour
Tin Pan Alley
Prince's Paisley Park

Art & Literature
Andy Warhol's apartment
Tennessee Williams writes "A Streetcar Named Desire"
Alfred Steiglitz's first gallery
Ernest Hemingway's birthplace
Snoopy's gallery
Longfellow's Wayside Inn





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