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Huntington Beach Wetlands 360° View
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This is the wetlands marsh in Huntington Beach, as I photographed it Saturday 8/24/02 about 5p.m. It's just a few minutes from home (car or bike) and one my favorite places. It's directly across from the ocean so you can still hear the tide when it's high. But there is true peace over here. (Plus an
incredible array of wetlands/marsh wildlife--it's one of the great birdwatching areas for both experts and novices, plus in the water you'll find stingrays, gray smoothhound sharks and tons more.) If you're ever in the area, come take a walk. (There's a 2 1/2 mile loop trail.) You won't regret it.

(The 360 is a bit off--my "visual math" when building the photos faltered--sorry!)


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