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“James Dean Died Here is an addictively irresistible tour through pop culture past and present.” —Chicago Tribune



"For the fan, this is the ultimate road trip . . . the perfect [guide] to lead you to all [the] great baseball stops." 

—Joe Garagiola, announcer and former major league baseball player


"What a wonderful book. All the 'stations of the cross' of our national pastime are here, big and small, telling and frivolous. I can imagine this book in the glove compartment of every true fan’s car, a handy reference to this beloved game no matter where in the country you are." 

—Ken Burns, Academy Award–nominated director


"It's a perfect gift for anyone who loves baseball and travel." 

—Chicago Tribune


"If you've ever dreamed of launching the ultimate rock 'n' roll road trip...this is the book you would take with you." 

—Forever Young magazine


"A fascinating and delightful treat." 



"Rock and roll fanatics who enjoy seeing where their heroes stayed, or performed, will love this fascinating where-to-see book." 

—Salt Lake City Tribune

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